Our 3-Link anti-sway bar kit, for the FFR Roadster, is 100% bolt-on.  Only two 3/8" holes need to be drilled in the 2 x 3 frame rails.  The bar is available in a 3/4" diameter.  The bar is adjustable from 60 pounds/inch to 225 pounds/inch.  With the bar set at a low setting, you can run the rear bar without a front bar to reduce body roll and understeer.  For serious track use, our front sway-bar or stiffer front springs are recommended. 

The bar is infinitely adjustable over a specific range.  This is achieved through the use of sliding end-clamps.  The bar is fabricated by a reputable sway-bar shop to our specifications.  The owner has been in the race car suspension business for over 20 years.  The bars are bent from solid round steel, so they give a very clean, uncluttered, professional looking install.  The bar pivots on Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings.   The kit is complete, right down to the Grade 8 fasteners.  The biggest advantage of our sway-bar is the ability to adjust your stiffness rates in very small increments. 

The sway-bar and brackets are shipped unpainted.



3-Link Sway Bar Kit is $349.00 plus $25.00 shipping and handling
New York Residents add 7.5% sales tax, shipping only $15.00

If you purchase both Front and Rear Sway-Bar Kits, shipping is $25.00 for both


3/4" 3-Link Sway Bar Stiffness:

Sway-Bar Spring Rate -  60 to 225 pounds/inch
Spring Rate at Wheel -  25 to 100 pounds/inch

Spring Rate at Wheel takes into consideration the mechanical advantage of the suspension system.  Our spring rate numbers were confirmed using a scale.  

Mechanical Properties:                                       

Steel - 1045 Cold Drawn
Tensile Strength - 110,000 psi
Yield Strength - 85,000 psi
Hardness - 22 Rockwell C Scale