Banana Bracket Support Brace Kit

The banana bracket is the upper 3rd link bracket that bolts to the rear axle housing. If you choose not to weld the banana bracket to the axle, this brace will prevent the banana bracket from rotating around the axle under acceleration and braking.

Price: $115 plus $10 shipping

Frame Bracket Support Brace Kit

This support brace is designed to increase the strength of the upper 3rd link bracket that is at the frame. It is especially useful for strengthening the bracket on a FFR cobra which doesn't have the heavy duty bracket welded on from the factory. If you have a MKIII check to see if you have the heavier duty frame bracket. You can also use the brace for when the frame bracket is bolted to the frame.

Price: $75 plus $10 shipping

If you order both at the same time, shipping is a total of $15.