We quickly realized the need for a polyurethane bushing kit after we built our first IRS Factory Five Racing roadster. Buying new rubber bushing from Ford is expensive and sometimes impossible depending on your Ford dealer, not to mention a performance compromise. Reusing the high mileage T-Bird rubber bushings that come on the used knuckles is generally not recommended.  Rubber bushings breakdown over time and become very sloppy. Factory Five Racing used quality spherical rod-end joints on their IRS arms for obvious performance reasons.  Rubber bushings quickly become the weak link in this high performance IRS setup.

Polyurethane bushings mounted on knuckle

Our polyurethane bushing kit is a complete kit for the IRS FFR roadster or coupe.  Our kit includes:
 (4) Lower Polyurethane Bushings
 (4) Upper Polyurethane Bushings (Upper bushings are in two halves)
 (4) Lower Sleeves
 (2) Upper Sleeves  
 (1) Installation Instructions

Kit price is $89.00 plus $12.00 UPS Ground shipping and handling
New York residents add 7.5% sales tax
If you purchase both the knuckle and differential bushing kits, shipping is $12.00 total

Performance advantages include:
  • Improved cornering

  • Less wheel hop

  • More durable and will last longer than rubber bushings

  • Allows the best possible handling without sacrificing ride comfort

Tools Needed:  You will need either a light duty press or a good 2-jaw pulley puller.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us