Our coil-over kit is for the solid axle FFR cobra.  It will work with both the 4-link and 3-link rear suspension.  It is 100% bolt-in and includes all required bolts and hardware.  The shocks and springs are chrome plated.  The coil-over adapter is aluminum.  It uses a jam-nut to prevent ride height from changing.  The kit comes standard with 250 pound/inch springs, but other rates can be special ordered.  Our kit mounts up the same as FFR's kit, but offers a few more advantages....

-  Our kit does not require axle straps, since the shock overall length is the correct length.  The shock supports the axle, like it is suppose to.

-  A jam-nut is used to keep the spring from moving over time.

-  A compression bumper is used on the shock shaft to help absorb large bumps.  No more bottoming out!  The compression bumper can be cut to length depending on your handling requirements.  Keep the compression bumper long if your tires have a tendency to rub.  Cut the bumper short if you run a low ride height for racing.

- We recommend Carrera's spanner wrench for adjusting the ride height.  It is similar to the tool FFR supplies for the front shocks, but works better.  It costs $14.00 with the purchase of our kit. 

Carrera Coil-Over Kit is $399.00 plus $20.00 shipping and handling
New York Residents add 7% sales tax, shipping only $10.00

Spanner Wrench is $14.00 with purchase of coil-over kit