Our aluminum differential bushings mount the front of the differential solid to the frame.  This is a plus for a couple of reasons.  Since the rear of the differential is mounted solid to the frame, it makes engineering sense to mount the front solid also.  If your front bushings are old and allow the differential to move, there are fatigue stresses that could slowly lead to fatigue failure of the rear bracket.  Our aluminum bushings will out last all other bushings and only cost a couple dollars more than the Ford bushings.  They are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.   They will bolt up using the existing FFR supplied fasteners.

The aluminum differential is a bit bulkier than the cast iron differential, so the aluminum differential can get close to hitting the frame at a couple different points.  When using our solid aluminum bushings, you will know that nothing will hit since the differential is mounted solid.

Note:  The hole diameters of the aluminum differentials differ from the cast iron differentials.  For that reason, we offer two different bushing sizes.  When ordering, please specify whether you have an aluminum differential or a cast iron differential.


Kit price is $59.00 plus $8.00 UPS Ground shipping and handling
New York residents add 7.5% sales tax
If you purchase both the knuckle and differential bushing kits, shipping is $12.00 total

Installation Note:  You can easily mount these bushings onto your differential even if the differential is already installed on the car.  First you would unbolt the front rubber bushings.  Next, support the differential with a floor jack.  Unbolt the rear mount.  Using the floor jack, lift the differential an inch in the air.  This will give you room to remove the rubber bushings and install the new aluminum bushings.  This can be done even if the cv-joints and drive shaft are installed.  If you have the cast-iron differential, the factory rubber bushings may be pressed in.  If this is the case, you will need to completely remove the differential from the car.