Our front anti-sway bar kit, for the FFR Roadster, requires no drilling of the frame, but requires a small amount of welding.  Our original intent was to provide a 100% bolt on kit, but there is no good way to do that.  The brackets that need to be welded to the frame utilize the bolt for the lower A-arm.  The bolt secures the top part of the bracket, and also makes it very easy to position the bracket before welding.  Only two, 1 inch beads of weld are needed on the bottom of the bracket.  The bar is available in a 7/8" diameter.   The bar will fit both IRS cars and solid axle cars.

The driving arm of the anti-sway bar will attach to the shock bolt on the lower A-arm using 1/2" spherical rod-ends.  The bar is designed to be used with tubular lower A-arms.  Aftermarket A-arms will work as long as the shock mount location is the same as the FFR lower A-arm.  There are 4 different stiffness settings.  The donor Mustang lower arms can be used by simply drilling a hole in each arm or welding a tab.  Let us know if you are going to use the donor arms and we will include the correct size bolt for attaching the driving link to the donor arm.

The sway-bar and brackets are shipped unpainted.

The bars are fabricated by a reputable anti-sway bar shop to our specifications.  The owner has been in the race car suspension business for over 20 years.  We fabricate the brackets in-house.  The bars are bent from solid round steel, so they give a very clean, uncluttered, professional looking install.  The bar pivots on Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings.  Split collars are used at the bushings to prevent any side to side movement.  The kit is complete, right down to the Grade 8 fasteners. 

Mark III Installation:  In order for the front bar to work on the MarkIII, the front tow hooks will need to be cut off.  This is the most logical solution as there is no other convenient place to install a front sway-bar.  New tow hooks can easily be welded to the left or right of our bracket, or you can purchase tow straps and use them on the frame or control arms.  


Front Anti-Sway Bar Kit is $349.00 plus $25.00 shipping and handling
New York Residents add 7.5% sales tax, shipping only $15.00

If you purchase both Front and Rear Sway-Bar Kits, shipping is $25.00 for both


Setting Number 7/8" Front Anti-Sway Bar Stiffness
1 140 pounds/inch
2 160 pounds/inch
3 185 pounds/inch
4 215 pounds/inch


Mechanical Properties:                                       

Steel - 1045 Cold Drawn
Tensile Strength - 110,000 psi
Yield Strength - 85,000 psi
Hardness - 22 Rockwell C Scale