Our IRS sway-bar kit for the FFR Roadster, is 100% bolt-on.  There is no drilling of the frame.  You will only need to drill a hole in each lower IRS arm.  The bar is available in a 3/4" diameter.  The bar is adjustable from 75 pounds/inch to 220 pounds/inch.  With the bar set at a low setting, you can run the rear bar without a front bar to reduce body roll and understeer.  For serious track use, our front sway-bar or stiffer front springs are recommended. 

The bar is infinitely adjustable over a specific range.  This is achieved through the use of sliding end-clamps, instead of simply drilling a number of holes in the bar.  The bar is fabricated by a reputable anti-sway bar shop to our specifications.  The owner has been in the race car suspension business for over 20 years.  We fabricate the brackets in-house.  The mounting bracket bolts to the quad shock mount using the existing holes and bolts.  The bars are bent from solid round steel, so they give a very clean, uncluttered, professional looking install.  The bar pivots on Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings.  Split collars are used at the bushings to prevent any side to side movement.  The kit is complete, right down to the Grade 8 fasteners.  The biggest advantage of our sway-bar is the ability to adjust your stiffness rates in very small increments.   

The sway-bar and brackets are shipped unpainted.

Note on Quad Shock:  If you want to retain the quad shocks, you can order the sway-bar brackets with a shock tab that relocates the quad shocks to clear our sway-bar, but a shorter quad shock is required.  You will have to modify your current quad shocks.  Click here for more details.   Most of our customers do not use the quad shocks.  If you use our polyurethane bushings, wheel hop is greatly reduced.  We spent this past summer drag racing with 275mm Nitto drag radials and had no wheel hop problems.  One advantage to not using the quad shocks is a one pound reduction in unsprung weight per side.  If you want the quad shock tabs welded to your brackets, please let us know on the order form.

Pin-Drive Option:  Our sway-bar works with pin-drive.  We include a different lower bracket for the pin-drive arms, so let us know if you have pin-drive, when you order.  You will need to swap the spindles from left to right so that the calipers are in the front of the spindle, otherwise the sway-bar will hit the calipers.  Also, you may need to have the e-brake cable lengthened.

Fuel Cell: The kit works with both the original FFR Fuel Safe fuel cell and the stock Mustang tank.  If you are using the stock Mustang tank, you may have to put a small dimple in the top of the tank, using a soft rubber mallet.  If you are using a custom made fuel cell, the sway-bar may interfere with your fuel cell.

Mark III Installation:  Our IRS bar will work with the Mark III, unless you are using FFR's NEW fuel cell option.  With the NEW fuel cell option, the IRS bar will not fit.  We are currently working on a fix.


 Rear Anti-Sway Bar Kit is $399.00 plus $25.00 shipping and handling
New York Residents add 7.5% sales tax, shipping only $15.00


If you purchase both Front and Rear Sway-Bar Kits, shipping is $25.00 for both


Mechanical Properties:                                       

Steel - 1045 Cold Drawn
Tensile Strength - 110,000 psi
Yield Strength - 85,000 psi
Hardness - 22 Rockwell C Scale


3/4" Rear Sway-Bar Stiffness:

Sway-Bar Spring Rate - 75 to 220 pounds/inch
Spring Rate at Wheel - 55 to 163 pounds/inch

Spring Rate at Wheel takes into consideration the mechanical advantage of the suspension system.  Since the sway-bar driving link mounts closer to the tire than the shock, installing a 100 pounds/inch sway-bar will reduce body roll more than if you increased your shock spring rate by 100 pounds/inch.

Clearance For Tires Wider than 275mm: If you are running wider than 275mm tires there is extra clearance.  It will be a plus if you are running 17 inch or 18 inch wheels.  The worst case scenario for wide tire setups is when the end-clamp is at the 220 pound setting and the tires are at full droop.  With this scenario, and 275mm tires, there is a 1/2" clearance between the tires and the end-clamp.  This measurement is taken with a 17" by 9" wheel with a 5.95 inch backspace.   Before ordering, contact us, so we can look into your specific setup.